We are Hiring!

We are a small and focused team dedicated to building the next generation compression technology with deep learning. We believe future compression will leverage machine learning to be content-aware, task-aware, and recipient-aware. We are reinventing the way people store, transmit and represent digital media. Our technology has the potential to disrupt multiple industry verticals. We make things small, but we think big!

Regardless of your role, we are looking for people who have strong communication skills, are eager to learn and teach others, and enjoy working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. We only hire full-time employees that are willing to work on-site in our Mountain View office. We do not hire consultants or interns at this time. If you are excited to join the founding team of WaveOne (we are still in seed stage!) and you feel you have what it takes, please reach out!

Regardless of your specific role, you will:

  • Build cutting edge technologies with an experienced team

  • Maximize your impact by learning how to prioritize what is most important

  • Collaborate with a small team of people who care about your success

  • Work in an environment that promotes work-life balance (writing high-quality code and doing innovative research requires both hard work *and* rest)

  • Observe and have the chance to influence the company strategy, growth, and culture

  • Get platinum-level health and dental coverage and free lunch with the team

Note on title qualifiers: We are interested in hiring both junior and senior people. Your seniority as well as your responsibilities will be reflected in your offer. However, our policy at WaveOne is to not use title qualifiers, such as Senior, Principal, Architect, etc. Title qualifiers are not reflective of our culture.

Software Engineer / Mobile Performance

We seek those who enjoy getting to the guts of an edge device and squeezing performance to the last bit.  We work with the researchers to understand the algorithms and search for solutions that reduce the memory/power footprint and execution time on the device.

Who You Are:

You are a strong software engineer with a passion for seeing cutting edge algorithms in action on an edge device.  You are comfortable working with low-level code, to go down to instruction level or examine bits and registers. You enjoy collaborating with highly knowledgeable folks in a small startup environment.

What You’ll Do:

  • Translate research algorithms to mobile devices (Android, iPhone) or embedded chips

  • Write scalable code that supports edge devices and Cloud to minimize technical debt.  At the same time, design clean code that allows for optimization hooks.

  • Write optimal code that accounts for different memory architectures on various devices

  • Profile performance, analyze instructions and memory usage, and iterate

  • Modify and, if necessary, retrain algorithms to improve performance


  • MS degree in computer science or related field, or Bachelor’s degree and 3+ years work experience

  • Mobile Experience in Android or iPhone

  • Experience in high performance optimization on mobile and/or embedded devices

  • Comfortable with SIMD, Multithreading, and other optimization techniques

  • Strong algorithms and data structures background

  • Expertise in C++ and Python

  • Familiarity with TensorFlow

Preferred skills:

  • Prior experience in an early-stage startup

  • Machine learning background

  • Understanding of cross-compiler development

  • Familiarity with some of the following: ARM Neon, SSE, CUDA, Hexagon DSP, Assembly, Swift

  • Mobile UI Design (Android Studio, Xcode)

  • Expertise in video streaming

Software Engineer / Cloud

Beyond our research into compression, an essential part of our success as a company is enabling others to seamlessly use our technology. You will play an key role in building a scalable solution for streaming content to/from the cloud and for running our encoders and decoders on the cloud.

Who You Are:

  • You are smart, driven and passionate about building cutting edge technology

  • You enjoy solving hard problems in distributed computing environment

  • You value sensible and thoughtful user interface design

  • You enjoy collaborating with highly knowledgeable folks in a small startup environment.

What you’ll do:

  • Write full-stack code in cutting edge web technologies

  • Work with Research team to write production ready codecs and tools

  • Improve scalability, efficiency and performance of various system software


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field, or Bachelor’s degree and 3+ years work experience

  • Proven web development skills in technologies such as REACT JS, Python/Django etc.

  • Experience in cloud and database technologies

  • Strong algorithms and data structures background

  • Expertise in C++ and Python

Preferred skills:

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science or related field

  • Prior experience in an early-stage startup

  • Machine learning background

  • Familiarity with TensorFlow

  • Expertise in video streaming

Research Scientist

Compression is one of the most exciting areas of deep learning research today because it is both practically grounded and ripe for creative innovation.  On one hand, advances that lead to better compression rates translate into real dollars and cents (e.g. reduced transmission costs). On the other hand, the ability to do compression with deep learning blows the door wide open to a host of creative innovations that are prohibitively difficult to approach using traditional methods. For instance, more perceptually-relevant metrics are more readily optimized, and multimodal features can be learned (e.g. optical flow + residuals). Furthermore, neural network architectures and model efficiency optimization schemes must be adapted to compression problems.

What You’ll Do:

  • Work with the team to define your research project that pushes the state of the art in ML-based compression technologies

  • Build out the features on top of our current code infrastructure that are necessary to actualize your research vision

  • Develop prototypes that demonstrate the possibilities of ML-based compression

  • Deliver your work by creating new intellectual property, writing blogs and/or publishing papers on your work

  • Stay current with the bleeding edge of compression by reading papers, attending conferences, and working closely with the team

Who you are:

You are a disciplined and creative researcher who balances doing thorough investigations and delivering results on a timeline. You are excited about growing professionally and are looking forward to working closely with our team.


  • Ph.D. in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Statistics or related field

  • Foundational knowledge of probability, linear algebra, signal processing, and optimization

  • Strong publication record, including one or more publications/workshop presentations in the following venues: CVPR, NIPS, ICCV, ECCV, ICML, ICLR

  • Familiarity with Python and TensorFlow

  • Ability to communicate complex ideas to others

  • Experience writing high-quality code

Preferred skills:

  • Prior experience in an early-stage startup

  • Expertise in one or more of the following areas: computer vision, video streaming, compression, deep learning

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